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Retirement Planning

Retire with More Confidence in Your Financial Future

Retirement can feel like a financially uncertain time for many people. You might ask yourself questions like:

  • Have I saved enough money to retire?
  • Will I outlive my savings?
  • How much will the cost of living increase during my retirement years?
  • When is the best time to start taking Social Security?
  • Will I be taxed on my retirement income?
  • Will I be okay if unexpected expenses arise?

All of these questions and concerns are normal for people to have as they approach their retirement years. But those questions shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a comfortable retirement and feeling more confident in your financial stability. If you’re concerned about your retirement, the retirement planning experts at Alesa D. Downing CPA, PLLC may be able to help.

Making the Change from Accumulation to Distribution

Many people view retirement as an end goal—a savings amount that they have to reach in order to stop working. But reaching that retirement savings goal is just the first step to a successful, secure retirement. Our retirement planners stick by you as you make the transition from accumulating wealth to distributing your income throughout your retirement years.
We can help you create a plan to ensure that you have a consistent cash flow each month, so you have less worry about whether or not your basic needs will be met. We also guide you through adapting your investments to help insulate yourself against downturns in the market, with the goal of giving you further security in your retirement income.
When the time comes to retire, we’ll still be at your side, as you pursue truly enjoying your retirement.

The Importance of Tax Planning in Retirement

Once you stop working, you don’t have to worry about taxes anymore, right? Unfortunately, that’s not true, and because many retirees don’t properly plan for taxes, they find themselves facing unexpectedly high tax bills when they file their returns. This can be especially difficult at this time in your life, when you’re living on a relatively fixed income.
At Alesa D. Downing CPA, PLLC, we can help you to better plan for your taxes during your retirement years. We’ll guide you through choosing when to take Social Security benefits, which retirement accounts to draw from first, and other important decisions that impact the taxability of your retirement income. With our guidance, you may be able to keep more of the money you’ve worked so hard to save.

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